We all have a story and my own journey has brought me here, to a place where I love to help others. Whilst running a pub in my ‘previous life’ I became very interested in people; seeing so many characters and a great deal of sadness the workings of the human mind fascinated me.  

Having a passion for book shops, I came across an ancient book on hypnosis whilst browsing one day. It immediately grabbed my attention and I found myself lost in thought, wondering how changing the ideas in the subconscious could be so powerful. Developments in hypnosis had, of course, come a long way since this book was published, but I was hooked. Intrigued by the life-changing benefits hypnotherapy could offer, I realised I could help people move on from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to establish a sense of peace and overall wellbeing. I began my journey in training to become a practitioner in 2003.  

I'm now on a mission to help people with 'The Complete Body Massage' so they can release that inner peace within and give them the knowledge they need to enjoy a content and fulfilled life.  

The Complete Body Massage has already worked for many people and I truly believe this plan will transform your life and give you that confidence boost in your own skin. 

The Complete Body Massage

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